16 February 2010


Blue skies

See winter is so great.  You dont get the crisp blue skies like this in the summer - too much haze and humidity!  I cant believe the winter is almost over all ready.



These people shovelled a rectangle off the pond in town and make a skating rink.  I dont know if I am more suprised they would put that much work into a skating rink or that they would go out on the ice.  I have a drowning thing though.


Back of the Basics

This is behind the food basics in town here.  Its really nice looking from this angle.  As longa s you dont have that big, hulking, green industrial building in the picture that is...



SoI was walking down the street and I had my camera with me.  I was swinging my arms and had the camera in one of my hands.  So I decided to turn it on and snap pictures while I was walking/swinging.  This was the result.  Kinda neat! I really like the last one from when I crossed the street!



Caitlin had a playdate with her friend from school.  They decided to bake a cake with the easy bake oven.  Unfortunately, it was busted, so we made the cake by putting the batter in the microwave.  The result? Rock hard pretty rainbow sparkle cake.



The snow was so sparkly this morning I tried to quickly capture it on may way out the door, but I think I just succeeded in making it look like its a dusty picture. LOL!


Getting the goods from Geomama

I got this outfit from Geomama cause I knew Caitlin would love it.  She wears it whenever she can!  It looks sooo comfortable and warm.  I wish I was size 6 and could pull off purple.