16 February 2010


Blue skies

See winter is so great.  You dont get the crisp blue skies like this in the summer - too much haze and humidity!  I cant believe the winter is almost over all ready.



These people shovelled a rectangle off the pond in town and make a skating rink.  I dont know if I am more suprised they would put that much work into a skating rink or that they would go out on the ice.  I have a drowning thing though.


Back of the Basics

This is behind the food basics in town here.  Its really nice looking from this angle.  As longa s you dont have that big, hulking, green industrial building in the picture that is...



SoI was walking down the street and I had my camera with me.  I was swinging my arms and had the camera in one of my hands.  So I decided to turn it on and snap pictures while I was walking/swinging.  This was the result.  Kinda neat! I really like the last one from when I crossed the street!



Caitlin had a playdate with her friend from school.  They decided to bake a cake with the easy bake oven.  Unfortunately, it was busted, so we made the cake by putting the batter in the microwave.  The result? Rock hard pretty rainbow sparkle cake.



The snow was so sparkly this morning I tried to quickly capture it on may way out the door, but I think I just succeeded in making it look like its a dusty picture. LOL!


Getting the goods from Geomama

I got this outfit from Geomama cause I knew Caitlin would love it.  She wears it whenever she can!  It looks sooo comfortable and warm.  I wish I was size 6 and could pull off purple. 

03 February 2010



When Calvin and I got married we used some of our wedding money on Matching La-z-boys.  When we found out I was pregnant the first time, we saw this mini one and it is the exact same colour/style as ours.  It seriously looks like the 3 bears live here.  Calvin's is oversized, mine is regular and we have this mini.  This is Daniel's first time in it.


Feb 2, 2008.  My cousin and 3 of his friends jumped in a minivan to go shopping.  They heard that it was faster to get there if they drove on the ice road.  They did.  Somehow, they got lost and ended up off the road.  They went through the ice.  The two people in the front got out, but my cousin and the girl in the back did not.  Child locks were on on the sliding doors.

I flew back here for the funeral.  It was hard.  I didnt know him well and I feel guilty about that.  My Dad is his uncle and because of my parent's split, I didnt get to know that side of the family.  Facebook got me in touch with him and alot of my other cousins and family and I tired slowly to get to know them this way.  There are a few I am close with and I ended up having to break the news to them - they grew up in pretty close contact with him and that was hard for me to do.

When I was in the Toronto airport waiting for my flight home and I felt a pair of eyes on me.  This hat.  It was on a rack in a souvenier shop screaming at me (figureatively! LOL) to buy it.  Of course I had to - my cousin had one just like it.

So every Feb 2 I wear the hat, and I make sure to contact every single cousin I have - even ones I have never met (and there are a few I havent except for FB) and just touch base and see how life is treating them.  I didnt do this as often before Feb 2008.  Especially with Paul.  We really had nothing in common, and I didnt know what to say.  I saw him when he was about 4, and then not again until he was 22ish,a nd I know thats not my fault, but now I'll never know him...

1 - the lonliest number.

We were feeling silly this morning.  Heck its February! We fight off winter blahs as best as we can!



This is a road girlsrule made me run down when I was at the end of the line in my running.  But I pushed on and made it to the end with her encouragement.  I thought this was a gorgeous road, and came back to take a picture.  I have a friend that just had her thyroid cancer surgery, and we were designing a photoshoot where she would be looking back at a long road.  I know the first time I saw this road, I thought OMG.  I cant do this!  I did.  She did.  We willl be doing the shoot here.

01 February 2010


Heres a picture I made today.
I am quite proud.

I know it doesnt count, but too bad:

29 January 2010


Its a snowy kind of day

We love snow!  I dorve alot this morning - butchers, farmers market, made donations to 3 places, home a couple of times.  When I left it was sunny and nice.  It is now snowy and blustery!  But I like that.

28 January 2010



ANd as a reward for putting up with my something old post, here is my muffins I had for breakfast.  They were tasty too (blueberry!)


Something old.


Bet you'll think twice about the weekly challenge now!


Love letters

My 5 year old loves to paint and draw and she makes a lot of good art.  Lately she figured out that she can sound out words to read them, therefore she can sound out words to spell them.  This is one of the results of that.  "I luv yoo I luv my mum"


The dog shit tree.

This is known as the dog shit tree.  It has these things that look like dog shit growing on it.  Its bizarre.  It looks like it was burned, but it wasnt.  I wont touch it - not even to shop it down.  Dh's friend came over with his kids and asked about the tree, and my Dh just blurted out that its the dog shit tree and the name stuck.



I love it.  I buy the PC west coast dark roast and put this much in a pot (12 cups of coffee).  Anyone who has been to my place has had this and will probably agree its just bitter/strong enough.  If you like it stronger, then you must be like my mom. 

My mom was the one who stayed with the kids while we were in the falls.  When I took the basket out to make a pot of coffee, her grinds were in there.  They looked like this:

That is about 4x as much coffee grinds as I put in mine. HAHAHAHAHA!! DId I ever laugh.  The poor woman.  She did that cause she just didnt know how much to put in I think.


Testing! Testing!

We are into human food for the baby.  I gave him a hunk of celery to see what he would do with it.  This kid is going to be a garbage pail - he loves everything!  I bet he would eat tomatos and brussle sprouts if I allowed them in the house.


Some more shots from our hotel.  It was pretty cool to see everything so high up!
We figured it would be cheaper to go across the border to fill up and get some breakfast so off we went!

I had never been to New York, and basically all we saw was the post office which was pretty neat back in the day, now its just overwhelmed with sineage:

So we filled up and decided to eat in Canada.  Back across the boarder...

And we went to the IHOP (Have I mentionned how much I LOVE IHOP?  And I'll confess I stole a mug), then we drove home.

At some point, there is a shipwreck pirate ship looking thing (I think near burlington):

I love that thing!  One of these days I am going to go back to take some serious pics of it, and I'll head to Grimsby, cause if you get a nice day, you can see the CN tower across the lake, and that would be a great shot with my telephoto!


A weekend in niagra - kid free!!

Dh's company does their christmas party in January.  So we went last weekend to the party.  As you can see we had a nice view of the skylon, but no falls view. Oh well.  You will also see we have his and hers whisky to celebrate the no kids part.

27 January 2010

Gosh its wednesday and I suck

Yep I suck.  I am not updating today - I promise for tomorrow though.  I am just really down and upset about some crap thats going on.  Cant vent about it anywhere else really cause it involves people, but here I am safe.  I actually just wrote out a whole vent and deleted it.  Felt good doing that.  You guys should try it.  See you tomorrow - and others next tuesday.

20 January 2010


Things that are wood.

The fantastic cat crapper.  There you go pancake.  Sorry to just notice I didnt photoshop the crap out of the first shot.  Fortunately I did get it out of the second.  Should have had Tansie make a duckface on the crapper in the bathroom.  Thats classic duckface background.

What wood Tansie do?  Well she's not trying to 'use' the cat crapper.  It was just a way to combine 2 things Pancake wanted pictures of into one.  More thought should have been put into this pose I think.  LOL


Have you met my skinny friends?

Must be nice to have hips like that and flat stomachs.  I wonder what their secret is...



My DH.  He doesnt like me taking his picture.  Too bad. LOL



I love metal bridges, and every time I go on/under/over one I have to take a picture.  This is downtown Elora.