27 January 2010

Gosh its wednesday and I suck

Yep I suck.  I am not updating today - I promise for tomorrow though.  I am just really down and upset about some crap thats going on.  Cant vent about it anywhere else really cause it involves people, but here I am safe.  I actually just wrote out a whole vent and deleted it.  Felt good doing that.  You guys should try it.  See you tomorrow - and others next tuesday.


Pie for the Eye said...

I agree it helps to write things down... even if you do delete them. :)

I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Mamarazzi said...

Thanks! It is so far. =)

Tiffany said...

i hope that things are getting better for you! yes i totally agree it helps to write things down weither or not you share them!