28 January 2010


The dog shit tree.

This is known as the dog shit tree.  It has these things that look like dog shit growing on it.  Its bizarre.  It looks like it was burned, but it wasnt.  I wont touch it - not even to shop it down.  Dh's friend came over with his kids and asked about the tree, and my Dh just blurted out that its the dog shit tree and the name stuck.


Pancake said...

This is a disease called fireblight. I'll let you google it. You may notice that quite a few trees are all infected in your neighborhood. Thats what happens when landscape architects design neighbourhoods...a monoculture! The trees should be removed and burned, and tools sterilized afterwards. But you're moving so just file this under more useless info from Pancake!

Mamarazzi said...

LOL no thats good to know. And I hope the new people have access to someone as smart as you. ;)