28 January 2010


Some more shots from our hotel.  It was pretty cool to see everything so high up!
We figured it would be cheaper to go across the border to fill up and get some breakfast so off we went!

I had never been to New York, and basically all we saw was the post office which was pretty neat back in the day, now its just overwhelmed with sineage:

So we filled up and decided to eat in Canada.  Back across the boarder...

And we went to the IHOP (Have I mentionned how much I LOVE IHOP?  And I'll confess I stole a mug), then we drove home.

At some point, there is a shipwreck pirate ship looking thing (I think near burlington):

I love that thing!  One of these days I am going to go back to take some serious pics of it, and I'll head to Grimsby, cause if you get a nice day, you can see the CN tower across the lake, and that would be a great shot with my telephoto!


foodie365 said...

Oh I know the pirate ship well, I used to drive by it often, ah the memories. I spent 10 yrs in St Catharines.

Mamarazzi said...

I swear we should go out one night with a jolly roger flag and fly it. LOL