06 January 2010



These are the only cowboy boots I have seen that I would consider wearing. They belong to my cousin, who is getting married this summer.

We had a Christmas party on Jan 2 and she came. Half way through the night I realized I hadnt taken my blog shot yet, so I went to find my camera to take some quick shots while no one was looking. I tripped on these boots. Obviously they wanted me to take their picture again (my drunken mind told me) so voila!

The first time I saw these boots was back in October when I did her engagement photos (which is the one in the leaves. Her boots have the red in them) and I added it here so you guys could see that you can change your pictures so the items in them look totally different with an image editor.

For those of you who dont have one, and dont want to spend the money to buy one, but wouldnt mind playing with one, try this free software (I use it to suppliment my photoshop editing, because it has fast and easy point and click stuff and a watermark (watermark is my name in the pic - mamarazzi 2010. I watermark everything that goes on the net, so no one can steal it.)

Heres the link:


LJ said...

I love the first pic!

Mamarazzi said...

Thanks! =)

orangeheromama said...

WOWEEEE! Great catch-up! Moving you up my favourites list! I love looking at your pics! :)

Mamarazzi said...

Oh I am blushing orangeheromama =D