06 January 2010


Cardinal Sin

So the day after my christmas party with the boots, we all woke up to more snow. The 402 was closed, the wind was blowing and my Belmont relatives were still stranded at my house. We were all hungover to boot (pun intended).

I was looking out the window while I was waiting for my computer to upload the radar and I saw this cardinal in the trees. Poor thing was blowing all over the place! I couldnt coax him to face the camera. Boo cardinal!
So if you have downloaded the photoscape, you can do these shots. I went into the filters and chose region (out of focus). I chose the greyscale option and put the cursor over the bird. Then I slid the size bar down so that the only thing that wasnt in black and white was the cardinal. Easy peasy. One is cropped so you can see the bird close up. =)

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