13 January 2010



So I thought butter is something that you should be able to cut through nice and easy peasy?  Nope.  I am now down one steak knife.

Butter = 1
Steak Knife = 0


Pancake said...

OMG woman you need some real knives!!!! Then again I am still trying to figure out why you were cutting it in that direction.....

(BTW) I am SOOOO proud of the future Survivalist title in your profile. Lemme know when you are ready to pack a BOB. Have you read "This Book May Save Your Life" yet?

Mamarazzi said...

LOL! I have henkles, didnt think i'd need them for butter!

Whats a Bob, and nope I havent read that one yet. =)

foodie365 said...

omg, thats awesome.